Low Risk, Income Fund

ISIN: Class A EUR Shares: MT7000019048

ISIN: Class B USD Shares: MT7000019055

The Investment Policy

The Sub-Fund aims to reap intraday / position holding profits from temporary mispricing due to informational asymmetries (time zone, geographical, degree of investor’s sophistication) and anomalies in pricing models.

The Sub-Fund’s assets will be represented by a portfolio composed of derivatives, structured notes, bonds and investment funds involved in exchange based commodities trading and currency derivatives. The Sub-Fund may take long or short positions. For avoidance of doubt, the Sub-Fund shall not directly invest in physical commodities but it cannot be excluded that the investment fund(s) into which it will invest in, will be active in the management of a portfolio made up, inter alia, of physical commodities.

The Investment Manager has appointed a Sub-Investment Manager which brings a wealth of experience in the alternative strategies sphere.

The expected role of all funds investment components will be to generate daily/weekly marginal returns with no correlation with standard benchmarks. Investment strategies will be restricted to Relative Value, Spread Trading and Tactical Trading.

The Rationale

The Sub-Fund invests in commodities instruments to take advantage of the opportunities currently available in the industry. 

Our Commodity Trading Fund (Almagest SICAV) seeks to yield income and preserve capital with managed risk, independent of market cycles, investing predominantly in pure arbitrage and statistical arbitrage opportunities across asset classes globally and trading commodities via ”boxed” type fully hedged transactions in selected markets.

The fund focusses on the decades of actual commodity trading experience of the founders and the peer group.  This includes prominent industry leaders from the commodity trade in Europe with global exposure in cash and derivatives with some of the largest trading houses in the world.

The Fund Documentation

Historical Performance

Important Note: the fund is currently undergoing its placement period after receiving the approval from MFSA. After its placement period, the fund performance shall be posted on Reuters and Bloomberg as appropriate. Kindly refer to the fund documentation for additional details. 

The following record is based upon the audited managed accounts performance which have employed the same mirror strategy of the Almagest Commodity Trading Fund.

Returns are Total Returns to investors after fees.

Technical Data

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